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Covid-19-Measures at Pension zu Hause                                                            Last updated: 22.01.2022
The CoronaVirus affects us all and that requires changes in our behaviour, but it doesn´t stop there.
Because we care about our guests and that they can have a relaxed and pleasant holiday, we took here at Pension zu Hause several measures to make that possible. Below, we put everything together. If you have any questions about the measures or the situation here in Austria, please contact us, we hope we can reassure you about the situation and that we can provide you the most up-to-date information.


Measures from the gouvernment prescribed for
Hotels, accommodations, gastronomy and Ski-areas:

  • 2G-Rules by entering and checking-in: Entrance is only allowed for people who are either:
  • Recovered - Genesen (you need a medical certificate that you went through Covid-19 in the past 6 months)
  • Vaccinated - Geimpft (you need a certificate that you got at least 2 vaccinations, from one of the in Austria accepted vaccines. The second vaccination must be a maximum of 180 days ago. If you allready have a Booster, than from the moment you got the booster your vaccination is 270 days valid).

This and other important information you can find on this website from the Bundesministry.

Attention please! From 20.12.2021 till further notice, it is only possible to enter Austria with the 2G-plus rule.
This means that every person that is 12 years or older, needs to have 2 vaccinations ánd a Booster, ór 2 vaccinations and a valid negative PCR-test (max. 48 hours valid).
Do you have questions, please let us know!

The measures at Pension zu Hause:

- Outside from your room or your seat, you need to wear a FFP2-Mask.

- In our dining room, we protected the round seats with plexiglass frameworks, you get a fix table assigned for your group/travelling company.

- Guests who do not live in the same household need to keep a distance of minimum 2 meter to other guests.

- We ask you to frequently clean your hands thorough. In your bathroom you will find a soap dispenser. Besides that, you will find desinfect spender next to the entrance door inside in the window, as well as in the bar area.

- We clean rooms extra thorough when there is a change of rooms. Besides that we clean frequently used surfaces, like door-latches and banisters, extra during the day.

- The breakfast we will serve on your table. We walk around to bring you the extra things that you wish for. If it is necessary, we will set up time locks for the breakfast.

- The common areas will be ventilated extra during the day.

- Shaking hands and giving hugs are against advice.

- Coughing and sneezing need to be done in your elbow.

- Do you get any health issues during your stay, please stay on your room and contact us 0043(0)664-4557485

The most important measures in Austria:

- Keep a distance of a minimum of 2 meter to people you don´t live with in one household.

- FFP2-Masks are obligatory in all closed areas as well as gondolas and closed chairlifts.

- Clean your hands frequently. 

Do you have any health issues short before you are planning to go on a trip, that might be symptoms of Covid-19, please let yourself tested as soon as possible and contact us. Do you get health issues during your stay at Pension zu Hause, that might be symptoms of Covid-19? Stay at your room and contact us, we will take the steps needed to get you tested and place you in quarantine.

For the most up-to-date information about travel restrictions and the numbers of corona-infections you can take a look on these pages:

- Travel restrictions from the Austrian government
- Most up-to-date numbers of Covid-19-infected persons in Austria
- Most up-to-date numbers of Covid-19-infected persons in Austria by the ministry of public health from Austria
- Most up-to-date measures for accommodations in Austria
- Most up-to-date measures from the Bundesministry of Austria